Setting Home location

Can someone please clarify how the home position is set on APM?


I know on ACM that home is set on Arming motors on the arducopter, but I'm not sure how its done on APM.


Also is there a way of initialising the gyros after power on?  On recent releases of ACM its done on arming the motors and can be intialised by holding left rudder zero throttle for a period of time.


The reason why I ask this is that with a plan its likely to be powered up in the pits then taken to the runway for take off.

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  • Hi, have been playing with the mission planner program while waiting for the parts to arrive. Why is it that I cannot set the home position? Must the program be linked to the APM 2.5 before it can be set?


  • Hi Hai


    I normally set my Home Position by clicking "Home Location" in the Planner. This then sets my home position in the pits. i then move the home position to the Centre of the runway by dragging it with the mouse. When you then "Write WP" it sets in the correct waypoint




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