• Yes. More specifically just the 1st part.
    If you wait a few days a new firmware 3.02 will come out with experimental autotune code. I tested it on a Bixler and it works well. It's very important to follow all the prerequisite steps listed in the tuning guide. Namely CG, trimming, and being certain that FBW moves the control surfaces the correct way.
    • @iskess, I'm suspecting that you meant to post a different link?

      • Ooops. I edited out that link in my previous post.
        Criro posted the right links.
    • Brilliant - just the job. ty.

      What is confusing me is how to make a 6 position switch from a 3 and a 2!

      Thanks iskess.

  • For your maiden flight and tuning flights, stick with Manual, FBWA, and Loiter. You should be able to complete all your tuning with these modes.
    If they all work well, then you can add RTL later. Do not attempt the auto modes until FBWA works well.
    Read the tuning guide.
  • I think you need to edit your post and provide some useful info.
    Copter or Plane?
    What modes do you want to use?
    What RC do you have?
    • Hmmm, can't see an edit facility, ah well.

      I'm trying to prepare for a first flight.  It's an EasyStar with added ailerons, PixHawk 3.0.1

      I'm guessing get airborne in 'Manual' then switch to 'Loiter' to see if the PixHawk works and have 'RTL' just in case?

      Futaba FF9 (T9CP) with a Spektrum DM8 Module for 2.4GHz

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