I'm sure this shouldn't be so difficult but I cant find anywhere guide how to setup 3ch plane for CRIUS AIOP (arduplaneng).

Arduplane's manual talks about 4ch and elevon-planes, But there is no explanation how to actually set up the channels. ..and if I decide to add ailerons for my Easystar, How do configure that addition.

If some one has absolute beginner guide somewhere, I'd be more than happy to see it.

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  • I don't have specific experience with the AIOP, but since the arduplaneng firmware is ported from the normal arduplane, I THINK this advice is still correct.  

    For a three channel plane (no ailerons) you connect the rudder to the AILERON channel of the radio and of ardupilot.  The software uses the aileron channel to stabilize the plane and steer, so it will actually be the rudder channel that isn't connected, even though it's ailerons that you don't have!

    For my hobbyzone super cub, everything just worked once I figured that little bit out and the default values for all of the tuning were pretty good!

    I didn't understand your question about 'adding ailerons?'  You'd set them up on the aileron channel and move your rudder back to your rudder channel. 

    The arduplane wiki has a step by step 'quick start' that SHOULD be mostly correct for arduplaneng as well, but there will be things you'll have to figure out on your own along the way too as the arduplaneng hardware and software probably deviate in some ways!

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