Setting up 3DR Radios, APM 2.5, and the Spektrum DX7s

Having some trouble setting up the 3DR Radios and pairing it with the Spektrum DX7s in order to proceed onto the ESC calibration step. 

I've followed the instructions for the FTDI-to-USB setup here:

Specifically, there are two areas of confusion:

1). After pairing the 3DR Radios from those instructions, I'm unable to verify the telemetry by using the Connect button from MP to the APM2.5 when powered by the LiPo (no lights appear on the APM, GPS, or 3DR receiver although the ESCs make a noise and sometimes the motors shift a few degrees). I can only connect and get green lights on the 3DRs when connected via USB.

2). How does one pair the Spektrum DX7s with the 3DR radios? Instructions for this particular configuration are hard to come by and or don't fully explain what to do.

Thanks for the assistance!

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Why do you want to pair the DX7 with the 3DR radios? Transmitter and Telemetry are independent of each other.


As I understand it, I'm supposed to pair the DX7 with the 3DR Radios (at least the air module which functions as a receiver(?) in order to calibrate the ESCs. Is this right/wrong? Thanks for the assistance

- D

That is wrong. To calibrate the ESCs, you need your spektrum receiver plugged into the "input" side of the APM. Calibration is done with the spektrum radio talking to the spektrum receiver which gives the inputs to the APM. The 3DR radio is for telemetry, or if you have a joystick, you can have the joystick communicate with the 3DR radio to control the APM. But there is no such thing as pairing the spektrum equipment with the 3DR radios, they are not even on the same frequency band.


Thank you for clarifying. I suspected this and when contacting support, I was told I wouldn't require a receiver and could just use the 3DR radio in lieu of purchasing the spektrum receiver.

- D

Hello Derek, as you said before "There is no power on the APM, GPS, 3DR..." I Saw your pictures and I didn´t see JP1 jumper!!! Because your APM is powered by ESC and not by the Power Module... you need to install the jumper.

Take a look here:

Note for ArduCopter users:
you must remove the APM’s JP1 jumper when using the Power Module so your electronics are only powered from the Power Module’s onboard regulator and not from your ESCs. You can leave the jumper present if you are using “no-BEC” ESCs (the jumper’s presence does not matter in this scenario). The two-wire PDB power cable should still be connected to the APM’s output pins, as this is the ground connection between the APM and the ESCs.

I Hope it would help you. Sorry about googlenglish...

No-one should have advised that you would'nt need an R/C receiver!
As you now realize, the 3DR telemetry radio is not at all related to R/C control.

Thanks for the input Roberto and Sgt Ric.

DIYDrones just updated me with the same info. Things that didn't make sense are now making a lot more sense!

- D

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