I have read a lot of instructions and watched so many how to videos on this subject but I am still unsure that I have it right. I have spent all my savings on his project and if I make a mistake I'm out of the game as far as my XUAV talon is concerned because I can't buy all new parts before I even start to fly it. Can someone please check over my connections.I remove the JST pin because I am connecting 5.5v from my Turnigy DLUX BEC to power my four servo's. I don't know if I connect my Futaba Rx via SBUS and if I should be using just ground and signal when I do. Obviously I need at least one power wire connected with the grnd and signal but which port? Standard or SBUS. I can figure out which ones control my controls but the main thing is to make sure I don't burn it out in the process of trying. I understand the concept of only connecting one power wire on the side with my BEC and that my servo's go on the other side and that the JST pin needs to be removed. Other than that I'm not sure if I can use my SBUS togethr with standard channels or if I just use standard channels on the rx and only connect one with a power wire? Please check my photos and help. Thank you so much I have exhausted my resources for help. I have already flashed the plane firmware onto my Arducopter 2.6 and done the orientation.


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