I have read a lot of instructions and watched so many how to videos on this subject but I am still unsure that I have it right. I have spent all my savings on his project and if I make a mistake I'm out of the game as far as my XUAV talon is concerned because I can't buy all new parts before I even start to fly it. Can someone please check over my connections.I remove the JST pin because I am connecting 5.5v from my Turnigy DLUX BEC to power my four servo's. I don't know if I connect my Futaba Rx via SBUS and if I should be using just ground and signal when I do. Obviously I need at least one power wire connected with the grnd and signal but which port? Standard or SBUS. I can figure out which ones control my controls but the main thing is to make sure I don't burn it out in the process of trying. I understand the concept of only connecting one power wire on the side with my BEC and that my servo's go on the other side and that the JST pin needs to be removed. Other than that I'm not sure if I can use my SBUS togethr with standard channels or if I just use standard channels on the rx and only connect one with a power wire? Please check my photos and help. Thank you so much I have exhausted my resources for help. I have already flashed the plane firmware onto my Arducopter 2.6 and done the orientation.

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  • Well I had some replies about some stability issues with the XUAV-Talon vtail on another page, it's being repaired from the last launch crash so I'll try those ideas out when I get the thing going again. As for VTail mixing, well for anyone interested, you don't use Vtail mixing on the Futaba it's actually just a matter of getting the servo cables in the proper channels for the APM and go to the advanced parameters settings in mission planner, just type in Vtail at the top search bar and it shows the parameter setting to tick the box for Vtail, once the setting is saved it will give a choice of 0,2,3,4, in the parameter setting. If you go through typing each number one at a time then saving and testing the servo movement you will see the number correlates to tails servos moving in an up-up, up-down, down-down, down-up, direction. So depending on how the tails servos are set up the mission planner allows it to be set in the parameter settings after you flash the plane firmware and all your other settings. So excellent, I'm not sure if it's a new addition to the list but at least it's there. There are also many types of aileron/elevator/rudder mixes in the same approximate area where the v tail section is too. I hope if anyone has been or gets problems with this in future this info can help. Feel free to message me about any problems you might be having with your XUAV talon with Futaba t10j. I am getting much better at solving its issues but still, I'm yet to have a full flight, longest flight it had was ALmoSt two minutes but that was a struggle because it was fighting the GPS being on backwards, it's getting slowly worked out but also slowly getting battered to bits. Lol, such is the learning process!
  • So I have had some launches with the Vtail but all unsuccessful. It works well on the ground, all surfaces move as they should in stabilise mode yet as soon as it gets a launch it heads up and slightly right then stalls and drops to the right banking hard. I have had one flight where I was able yo slightly control it and get it to turn left but it was a total struggle as it kept fighting to go right. As you'd imagine it did not end well and for the third time I have had a rebuild after destroying the motor prop, tail and other edges. I don't know if I'll manage to get it airborne again since the damage is so great but I'm not wanting to give up. I just can't find what is causing it to behave as it should when I move it around the ground yet as soon as its up it tries to climb too steep and at the same time bank right. Any help? Please.
  • So the Y servo connector hobby king supplied for the tail which connects the two tail servos into one channel shouldn't be there? They should have a channel for each servo so each side of the V-tail can move independent to each other for turning? That is how I imagined they ought to behave, otherwise they would only be able to move up or down for pitch as one rather than being able to use them in turns as well. All V-tail planes I've seen use a servo cable on each to separate channels so it was strange when I found the tail using a Y servo cable. I should clarify this is not a v tail mixer either just a standard Y servo cable.


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      Sounds like the y-cable is for the ailerons.
      • I'm a noob when it comes to planes and I have only built multirotor's. So if I have two servos for wings I am guessing they are my flaps, but also used as ailerons for turning? The two servos for the tail even tho it's a v are my rudders, but can act as pitch control as well, whatever they call that? Elerons perhaps? It's confusing for me starting with a v tail as far as all that goes. How am I doing is that right? :). My point is I don't know where the Y servo cable would fit into that or am I better off just using a separate cable on each servo and then just figure out what needs to be reversed or swapped around to gèt them working correctly?
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          The 'flaps' as you are calling them are the Ailerons. They should be connected to one servo output using the Y-cable. As one servo goes up, the other goes down, i.e. opposite directions. They roll the plane. The surface that goes up, is the wing that will tilt down (ie. less lift) and the aileron that goes down, has more lift and the wing will go up.

          For the tail you have combines rudder and elevator. this works to pitch nose down by both surfaces going down, increasing lift, or both surfaces going up, = less lift = nose points up.

          Yaw control is achieved by the differential between the control surfaces on the tail.

          The key to remember is that a wing creates more lift the bigger the distance across the top surface. So counter intuitively the control surface goes up to create to less lift.

          • Well I took a leap of faith and plugged in my power and it's all working. I did a bit of reading up on the different configurations with the ailerons together and programmed my Futaba T10 J for that mode and I am pleased to say it's working very well. Thanks to everyone for the help, the APM is telling the servo's to compensate when it rolls or pitches which means all that is working too. Cheers.
          • Thanks very much, I think I understand that. Lets see if I understand the Aileron movement though. Using the Y servo cable to connect them would mean I don't have flap ability on this plane because they are always working in opposite direction to one another for roll. Is that a common configuration?
  • So this is how it should look? On the receiver wires I only have one connection cable with all three(Ground/Positive/Signal) all others only using Ground and signal? This configuration has the JP1 removed of course because I'm using the SBEC 5.5v Ground/Positive/Signal into the #3 slot on Output pins. Three servo wires feed the two larger servo's for the wing flaps and a Y servo cable connects the two other servo's for my V-tail. I hope someone can give me some feedback about it.
    Thanks for the help so far, I am looking forward to getting past the basics and being able to contribute to others.


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