Setting up my APM2.6

I am very new to APM but not to quads. I am surprised to find that when I lift into the air the quad rotates fast (anticlockwise). 

The control was set with right yaw to arm; left to dis arm.

If I reverse this I can effectively slow, stop and reverse the rotation (clockwise) by application of quite large right yaw stick inputs. BUT !!! 

It will start to spin acw if I ease the stick and spin cw if I increase it. The neutral band is very narrow and way over to the right.

On the Mission Planner everything seems to be right but in the air (or on a polished floor) it surely is not.

At the field the roll, throttle and pitch controls seem to work well.

What have I done wrong ???

Best wishes


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  • I would double check that the props are turning in the right direction for their placement. I have found that the APM uses a different setup than other controllers.

    • Thanks Mathew. I am grateful for the input. The board in question appears to have been faulty. It is no longer working at all in the air, though it still looks ok on MP. I am a little surprised however by your comment about prop rotatation. I have another 2.5 Arducopter which is flying with the rotation: Front left and rear right; clockwise. Rear left, front right anticlockwise). It works well for me.

      But somewhere in my early reading I did see a suggestion that it should be the other way. I feel confident that I either misread it or it was a typo. I think I am right in saying that the plan form I detailed in paragraph one, has been applied in all the Multiwii based X, I and H Copters.

      Best wishes and thanks for the suggestion


      • What I would try is erase the eeprom in the terminal and reset the default values in the terminal mode. The disconnect the power and start over with the setup from scratch. Disconnect all the wires to the apm and start over from scratch. Check the motor rotation and recalibrate the esc to make sure they are all set to the same values. I once had a apm not working correct and when I did this it fixed it.
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