setting xbee pro to 115200

 Digi's X-CTU utility only lets you set the buad rate up to 52600...

 I need to set my xbee's baud rate to match the APM baud rate of 115200..

anyone know how to do this?





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  • 3D Robotics
    I'm not sure what Xbees those are, but if you used the ones we recommend in the manual that screen should look like this:

    If for some reason you bought Xbees that don't go to 115200, you can set the Port 3 (telemetery) port to any speed you want in the APM_Config.h file. Here, I've set it for 38400:

    #define SERIAL3_BAUD 38400
  • Hi Ravi,
    I'm sorry, what's the 1w module?
  • that may be the limit. I can see 115200 on my 1W module.
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