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Okay, I'm finally forking out for a "real" FPV setup, and I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations before I start placing an order.

Non-FPV setup: 433 MHz RC control, 915 MHz Telemetry.  APM 2.5+

Proposed FPV Setup:

1 x Lawmate 1000mW TX at 1.2 GHz

2 x Lawmate RX at 1.2GHz

1 x Hi Gain Patch Antenna

1 x Hi Gain Whip Antenna

1 x Eagle Eyes FPV Diversity Controller  (does anyone have any thoughts on this one vs. the Oracle divesity controller?)

1 x Fatshark Pan & Tilt system w/ servos

Camera:  I'm still undecided on this piece.  Any suggestions would be great.  I'm looking at a Sony (SN555) Hi Res NTSC that is $99.  Any thoughts?

I would appreciate any suggestions/thoughts on possible interference problems, overheating problems (1000mW might be a bit overkill), etc.

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  • Please drop the 1w vTx. Especially since you are going 433 for control. You don't want to desensitize the receiver or pubnish the other electronics with that much power. You want range worked out on the ground - not in the air. What kind of ranges are you looking for - I assume this is for AP?  I'd also scrap the diversity in exchange for a CP antenna set. SIMPLE = BETTER trust me.


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