Today I had the a recurrence of a problem that has happened a few times.

After a bit of normal flying mostly in stabilize with a few switches to loiter the craft will suddenly exhibit a tendency to roll right. I can fight it with roll input for a bit but within a few seconds it will overcome my available roll and finally tip the craft over.

This doesn't happen every flight but it has happened a few times. Enough so now that I'm getting good at recovering and landing it. (Yaw myself in circles until I end up in the right place and slowly lower it to the ground.)

I have been able to produce this just sitting on the bench. The HUD shows the craft as if it's tilted but the craft is just sitting on the table. It took a few hours for it to occur and the craft was armed at the time.

This time I finally captured a log for the occurrence.

Any thoughts?


3DR Quad frame Rev C
APM 2.5 running 2.9.1b
uBlox LEA-6H GPS
3DR AC2830-358 850KV motors
3DR 20A ESCs
APC 10x4.7 props
3S 5000mAH battery
Spektrum AR8000 Rx

Spektrum DX8 Tx

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Bump to top. Anything else I can provide to help someone troubleshoot this?

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