Dear all,

I have the Sparkfun 9DOF Razor board. It is working fine with Python GUI provided at  which is coded by Jose Julio.
I'm pretty good at rotation matrices and their order of rotation, but not familiar with DCM to Euler angle conversions. The brief description in the Arduino code base is as follows
// Axis definition
   // X axis pointing forward (to the FTDI connector)
   // Y axis pointing to the right 
   // and Z axis pointing down.
// Positive pitch : nose up
// Positive roll : right wing down
// Positive yaw : clockwise
DCM to Euler conversion 
 pitch = -asin(DCM_Matrix[2][0]);
 roll = atan2(DCM_Matrix[2][1],DCM_Matrix[2][2]);
 yaw = atan2(DCM_Matrix[1][0],DCM_Matrix[0][0]);
( I'm unable to trace the mathematics involved in Vpython GUI in implementing rotations of 3D object)
I tried converting the above Euler angles to Rotation matrix as below . 
\begin{array}{lcl} <br /
Rotation matrix(R) = AxAyAz  
c = cos , s = sin , r = roll, p =pitch , y = yaw  
Multiplying the previous rotation matrix with the present , perfect rotation can be achieved.
I got perfect rotations with Wii motion plus  gyro data, using the above order of rotation.
I would like to make the Razor 9DOF board work in Visual C++ environment using the rotation matrix .
I have the following doubts .
1. what order i should follow to make it work .
2. Do i have to follow different DCM to Euler angles conversion other than the above method.   
    where is my mathematics going wrong.
DCMDraft2.pdf in page 10 ,he said relation between the DCM and euler angles is 
this can be obtained with  AzAyAx order ,I tried this also, but no use .
I tried experimenting few other order of rotations other than AxAyAz. no use.
Hope i will hear especially from Doug WeibelJose Julio , Jordi Munoz and William Premerlani .
Thanks for reading ....

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  • You might want to read this file written by William Premerlani. I used it to extract euler angles from the DCM in VC# and it works flawlessly ;)
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