I know this topic is recurrent but I can't find any relevant discussions to guide me in my quest to resolve this.


I have a new X6 Tarot build. It's flying very well and I finally got the confidence to lift my sony A7II on an home made RCtimer 5008 / Storm32 gimbal. 

I did everything I could to get the VIBE numbers in line but I am using 18" folding props and they are hard to balance. I did what I could dynamically with a vibrometer on my android phone. I think the VIBE numbers are OK - logs attached. 


As you will see from the video here (https://youtu.be/d1Fb_ly1xDw), there is a lot of vibration. The frame rate is 50 fps. The AUW is about 7.3Kg btw. Focal length is 20mm.

The gimbal is suspended from a Tarot gimbal mount using 24 rubber mounts. The gimbal is stable in the workshop at least. As you can see from the video the gimbal appears to due the leveling job quite well. I was moving about in the air. 

Help needed.

As always a step by step solution would be splendid :)

What  I am struggling with is an approach to isolate the source of the problem. 

1) Are the VIBE numbers OK as I think they are? 

2) This only means the Pixhawk is well isolated thought right?

3) Any experiments to test for other sources? 

4) Any ideas on balancing these props? I like the convenience but I can go back to another prop solution is that's needed. This is not a working solution as is stands.

Any other logs or experiments anyone can think of? 

I may strap a GoPro on the frame and see how bad that looks at the same time as the gimbal video. 

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No help so far so let me ask another question:

Has anyone build an X6 or X8 machine which carries a mid size mirrorless camera or small DSLR and takes good photos?

Can you point me to some details of that build and help with any lengths you may have taken to remove shake if you had any?


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