Shaky video on new X6 build

I know this topic is recurrent but I can't find any relevant discussions to guide me in my quest to resolve this.


I have a new X6 Tarot build. It's flying very well and I finally got the confidence to lift my sony A7II on an home made RCtimer 5008 / Storm32 gimbal. 

I did everything I could to get the VIBE numbers in line but I am using 18" folding props and they are hard to balance. I did what I could dynamically with a vibrometer on my android phone. I think the VIBE numbers are OK - logs attached. 


As you will see from the video here (, there is a lot of vibration. The frame rate is 50 fps. The AUW is about 7.3Kg btw. Focal length is 20mm.

The gimbal is suspended from a Tarot gimbal mount using 24 rubber mounts. The gimbal is stable in the workshop at least. As you can see from the video the gimbal appears to due the leveling job quite well. I was moving about in the air. 

Help needed.

As always a step by step solution would be splendid :)

What  I am struggling with is an approach to isolate the source of the problem. 

1) Are the VIBE numbers OK as I think they are? 

2) This only means the Pixhawk is well isolated thought right?

3) Any experiments to test for other sources? 

4) Any ideas on balancing these props? I like the convenience but I can go back to another prop solution is that's needed. This is not a working solution as is stands.

Any other logs or experiments anyone can think of? 

I may strap a GoPro on the frame and see how bad that looks at the same time as the gimbal video. 

2018-07-11 07-53-04.bin

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  • hello, do you still have this drone? can I buy the tarot x6?
  • I completely agree. My motivation to build my own big drone was for landscape photography and since I came to the party late I was over taken by events. I began to realize that the writing was on the wall when I got a cheap solo and found out how easy it was to fly and how much confidence I had in it. I like flying the big rig but there's always a niggling doubt that something will go wrong. The Mavic has my confidence. 
    I don't regret building my X6 or spending the money. I learned a great deal and had many hours of fun. Now though I get to spend that time and effort in flying and taking photos. Also passed my part 107 (another learning experience) which gives me further confidence that I am doing it right. 

    I appreciate the input and Happy New Year to you. 

    I wish you unrestricted air space.

  • Bob; I just bought one of these,  so I guess I'm kind of going in the other direction. When I'm heading out on jobs I throw my Inspire 1 with the X5 Camera on the back seat so it's there if I need it. I have a couple Tarot 810's that I put up with Canon EOS-M3's, these I use mostly for Architects. With the new gimbal I will probably try a Canon 6D to start with a cheap 40mm pancake lens if that works I'll try a 5D3 or 5Dsr. I'll let you know what happens.

    Tarot 5D3 3-Axis-stabilized Gimbal TL5D001 For Canon 5D MARK III
    Tarot 5D3 3-Axis-stabilized Gimbal TL5D001 For Canon 5D MARK III
  • I actually bought a DJI after my struggles. A big bird is very cool to build and fun to fly but it is so unpractical and gets way too much attention when I'm out. I got a Mavic 2 Pro with the baby Hasselblad and I am very impressed by the image quality. Even the best camera in the world is useless if you end up leaving it at home, so the advantage of the Mavic is that it is always with me. If you haven't already, you should look at the image quality of this little guy. If it doesn't work for you I feel sure that we are only a couple of generations away from great image quality.
    I shoot mostly stills and my motivation was to get a Sony Alpha in the air. I think the difference in quality has made this significant effort too much.

    I also think the FAA etc will soon clamp down heavily on DIY drones even though it will not reduce real threats from bad people. It will make them look better. 

    I am working on a DIY rover with a sony camera now and then an aquatic version. The FAA can't stop me doing that at least.

    I wish you windless days and happy flying.

  •      You can use the Tarot TL100B17 adapter and 1760 props which were used by DJI but are available cheaply on ebay from several manufacturers. I would try the simple stuff first though. Judging by the forums it seems like there are fewer and fewer people building and flying anything big these days or building there own. I think everyone just buys stuff from DJI or Yuneec for video. I'm a commercial photographer and once you get past the X5 camera on an inspire 1 you pretty much have to build your own stuff if your capable.

  • This was a while ago and I really appreciate your suggestions. I was a little disillusioned with the whole process to be honest. Your input may spur me on to ultimately not give in. It feels a long way off but I will re-visit the problem. I am not sure if triple props exist at 18 inches but I take you point ad will look into it.

  •       First thing I would try is lowering your shutter speed to 1/60 or 1/30 and see if that smooths it out. Second to balance the props just weigh them all and put together matched pairs. Third switch from double props to triple props, this has done more to help me get consistently sharp images than anything else I've tried. Last try softer or fewer balls in you anti-vibration plate. Honestly it doesn't look like your to far off in the video you posted so just lowering your shutter speed might work.

  • No help so far so let me ask another question:

    Has anyone build an X6 or X8 machine which carries a mid size mirrorless camera or small DSLR and takes good photos?

    Can you point me to some details of that build and help with any lengths you may have taken to remove shake if you had any?


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