Sharpen loitering

I got a Hover wasp frame that flies great in alt hold and in stabilize. It holds position well in loiter but it is very sluggish/lazy both in own movement and stick input. Like it is dancing around on a pole. Like stabilize with low gains.I have read up and down put can't really find what parameters to tune. It is not TBE.!Setup are.Apm 2.5Hover wasp frame30 amp simonkWitespyquads gps with compass750kv motors11" props.4cellI used the same setup on a 550 and it was rock solid.I'm on the latest official arducopter firmware.

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  • ok. so it is not just me then. i also tried loiter parameters wp speed,loiter pid. we will see whats going to come. hope some of the programmers se this thresd.
  • I have the same problem, here is my post

    I've tried to tune according to the Liter Flight Mode page on wiki, but really changing Loiter PID doesn't do much. Also, I've noticed that in Drift mode it's much better even thou it's also relies on GPS for positioning. So, I gave up for now. Hopefully in next versions of arducopter this would be somewhat better. Also, I've heard in 3.2 there is going to be a "hybrid" mode, like the one in DJI controllers. I'll wait for it for now. 

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