Hi All,

Started flying yesterday and am building confidence to start flying my Sony Nex5 but I'm going to strap it under the batterie and shoot direct down for our new www.floorink.com gallery. I'm going to shoot all textures through the seasons that can be used for floor images, I'm starting next weekend with Bluebells. All the tiles ie *Files* will be cropped at 2m x 2m (7' x7')
if you want you join in let me know.



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that sounds cool

I know, it's very cool. I was just going to get others to take the images but I'm also getting right in to it myself. Cheers for the reply though

I'm going to try and take some pics which can be used in this way. Very cool indeed!
Great stuff, what you going to shoot with?
The best camera that I have for aerial photos is the Nex 5n. I'll use that one and also try some with my older Canon cameras.

does the Nex 5n have IR shutter control  how do you guyus trigger the camera in the air also  are you guys using the stock lense it comes with or something different  i like that camera i might buy one

Yes, the Nex 5, 5N, and 7 all have IR shutter control.  A couple easy ways to remotely trigger them is to either buy a GentLED or buy a cheap remote control and de-case it and convert to rc use.

Kristian, I'll look forward to seeing the photos you get.  I've been taking photos from quadcopter since last year.  I've gotten some good photos when the camera is angled down anywhere between 30 to 60 degrees.  I've yet to have any really interesting photos turn out when shooting straight down.  My experience so far is that shooting straight down is the most challenging when it comes to taking interesting photos.

I've only had one that turned out halfway decent so far.  I'll be trying for more soon.

Perfect start :)

Let's start sharing data ASAP. That shot looks great.
I think we should shoot lower, try and find the real time correct aspect, let's try 10' with a 16mm lense.

What do you think?

One caveat to the NEX cameras is that they only have hdmi video output.  So you either have to get an hdmi to vga converter box (slight lag in video) or add an extra little video camera for fpv. 

You will likely find this site to be very useful-


According to that site, our NEX cameras will produce 1:1 ratio with a 25mm lens.  So for example if you're flying 100 feet high, then you can fit an image 100 feet wide when using a 25mm lens. 

Currently, I only have the 5n kit lens that is 18-55mm.  I learned recently that at 28mm, that lens has very little barrel distortion.  But at 18mm, it can have some barrel distortion.  So that will be another thing to keep in mind if you're trying to accurately capture an overhead shot without any barrel distortion.

With the 16mm lens you get even more coverage.  But I'm not sure how much barrel distortion that lens has. 

I'm looking forward to the new NEX prime lenses coming out.  Will likely get the 50mm one- http://www.talknex.com/f2/sony-announces-e-mount-nex-lens-roadmap-2...

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