Should 3DR build an Inspire equivalent drone?

I am considering acquiring a Solo. I currently use DJI Phantoms for agriculture and survey work and I think the solo would fit my needs much better.

However, I am quite worried about the small payload capacity, 400 to 500 grams.

To most of us, the greatest benefit of the solo is it's versatility and the possibility to easily write new software for it.

However, true versatility also involves the hardware department. Granted, the expansion and camera bay are awesome, but I think an aircraft with more lifting capacity woud make me much more confortable on spending money on a new drone.

I know Chris has stated that 3DRs purpose is to build the software, and the solo is just a "Nexus" device for developers, but I think it would be great to have a little more options, just like Google offers different Nexus devices (Phones, tablets, etc.)

Maybe this is in the works and will only take some time? Do you think it would make sense, or do you think for anything bigger than the solo you should go the DIY route?

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  • They need to. I'm not interested in Solo because it's weight and its limitation on camera options. If they ever decide to integrate QX1 officially w/o Site Scan service then it would be worth while.

    Hey did you ever get your Qx1 configured and working?
    • I have it working great on Pixhawk planes, but I haven't tested it in a solo. It should be quite easy to install though.

      I use trigger and it works perfectly.

      The problem will be video streaming and the gimbal.

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