I just installed Ver. 3.0.1, but when I power my Hexacopter (APM), I am only getting a single beep instead of two beeps before it goes into it's tune.  The Mission Planner is not indicating an error, and I am able to arm the copter.  Note:  All motors respond correctly once armed.  Also, my hexacopter firmware was 2.9.1b, and there were no problems.     

Things completed before the problem.  

I flashed my Ardupilot Mega 2.5+ and installed the Arducopter firmware 3.0.1.  

Flash:  All green lights and "Success" once installed

Arducopter 3.0.1: No errors - "Done"

Accelerometer Calibration:  Successful

Live Calibration:  Compass offset x = 1.6373, Y = 4.316 and Z = -26.002

Note:  I haven't completed the Compassmot since I noticed the single beep when powering from the lipo battery.

I checked all of my connections and they look correct.  - Need some help.


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When using the previous firmware, I would get two beeps then the tune when powering the copter from the lipo.  

Also, I am using DJI 30 ESCs Opto.  - Factory calibrated.

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