Single Motor Quadcopter

I think it should be possible to have one powerful motor in the center of the drone and distribute its power over the four rotors, the speed of every individual rotor could be varied via a tiny CVT

I think I could build the mechanical part all on my own, has anyone suggestions what electronics I would need


It would be necessary to be able to control the rotor speed via servos which would change the ratio of the CVTs instead of altering the speed direct, also it would need to control the speed of the central motor

hope to post this in the right place

best reguards Otschi

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  • Hey folks, the idea of a single motor quadcopter with one central motor distributing power to four rotors is fascinating! You'd need to manage rotor speeds with servos and possibly use a custom flight controller. It's a unique challenge, but with the right setup, it could work well. By the way, if you're into creating or promoting music, check out for boosting your streams and reaching a wider audience. Keep experimenting and happy flying! 🌟🚁
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  • A adacious idea! But still have a long way to go.
  • Instead of changing the speed directly, it would be essential to be able to regulate the rotor speed using servos to modify the ratio of the CVTs. It would also be necessary to be able to control the speed of the main motor.
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