I'm wondering if it is possible to use SITL with X-Plane instead of the other sims in the tutorial.  I'm awaiting my APM 2.5 and want to try out the APM on a UAV that I created in PlaneMaker.  I'm decent with Linux and Windows so any advice that someone can give on performing this please do share!  Thanks in advance.

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Yep, you can do this! We're working on building a plane in PlaneMaker, moving it over the FlightGear and connecting the SITL to flightgear. We'll be releasing instructions, code and videos at the end of the year that will explain how to do this.

Also, you can rewrite runsim.py to connect to the XPlane UDP ports instead of the JSBSim ports, however I'm not sure what information XPlane's FDM provides. We're having a hard enough time just connecting to JSBsim through FlightGear (we're getting floating point errors in the Ardu.elf at the moment) so good luck!

Hi Samuel,

Any update on these instructions/code/videos? I'm also trying to connect SITL with FG, likely using different aircraft. Thanks!

Yep, we've got it working with FG but it's a little buggy. The SITL wrapper for arduplane has a lot of unchecked floating point calculations so it dies every once and a while. We have our own repo and will be making it available soon (1-2 weeks) with instructions on how to set everything up. May I ask what plane you would like to use? We can test it in the sim we have and get a better idea of what we may need to fix before the first role out.

Excellent! We're actually developing autopilot code for a glider, so I was hoping to test on FG using something like the DG-101G. However, we'll also be running flight testing on a small UAV platform, so also being able to SITL with something like the Rascal would be useful for us.

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