Has anyone come up with a successful set of APM parameters for an SK450 in a dead cat configuration?

I'm using 3525-850kV motors, 11x4.5 props and 4.0 3s Battery.


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Probably useful if you indicate your battery cell count and motor/prop details as those will influence the settings used.

I want to buildup this combination as well.  Will there be a problem configuring the APM2.5?

Have same frame and yaw problem.

Frame SK450, lipo 2200 3s, Turnigy MultiStar 2213 935 kV, 10x4.5 props

I build sk450 first. Good, stable flying. But with sk450 DeadCat conv.frame i have yaw issue.  Then i yaw left, copter drift left, yaw right - drift right. Don't know what is the problem.

hello, did you have any success with the dead cat configuration params?

Do they roll, tilt and yaw rates need to be tuned separately?

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