Hi All!

Thrilled to announce that Skysense will soon launch Skysense Planner - an Open-source Web Mission Planner for MAVLink Drones, including ADS-B aircraft tracking and Geofence management:


Get early access to demos, code and samples at http://www.skysense.co/planner-launch

We're looking for contributors and passionate testers. Happy to discuss and share my thoughts on the next steps in the development!


Michele @ Skysense Inc.

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  • hi Pierre,

    please subscribe at http://www.skysense.co/planner-launch to get early access to the platform.

    This core group will be the first to get access and test the system. We'll widen the access

    once we're confident that the quality is high enough.



  • Hi Pierre!Yes,

    Thanks Pierre!

    Yes, We use several open source technologies including:

    • Ardupilot: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform, able to control autonomous multicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, traditional helicopters, ground rovers and antenna trackers.
    • Gazebo: Simulator offering the ability to accurately and efficiently simulate populations of robots in complex indoor and outdoor environments.
    • MAVLink: MAVLink Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol.
    • MAVROS: MAVLink extendable communication node for ROS with proxy for Ground Control Station.
    • ROS: Robot Operating System, a collection of software libraries and tools developers can use to assist in robot application development.
    • Robot Web Tools: Integration between ROS and Web applications using Javascript and HTML5.
    • NASA Web World Wind: 3D virtual globe API for HTML5 and JavaScript.
    • Dump1090: ADS-B radar receiver (Mode S decoder) specifically designed for RTLSDR devices.



    Pierre Kancir said:

    Nice !

    In your video you said you use ROS and be gazebo compatible, did you use rosbridge and mavros ? 

    I signup for test ! It looks promising !

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