Skywalker 1720 - Unexplained crash

Hi everyone, first time poster long time lurker.

I have been running APM's and pixhawks for a few years and had my fair share of stuff ups but this crash has me beat.

Long story short I have had no end of problems with this 1720 wing, 1800's have always been easy to fly and easy to tune. This one has been fighting me all the way.

So took it out for a tuning flight on the weekend to try sort it out, first I got it up to trim and see how it flies and covered 20km with no real issues besides it wanting to yaw to the right a fair bit, I suspect I had the rudder mix a bit too high (0.6) so came back and landed, checked CG, control surfaces and anything else I could think of.

Sent it up again and it was still trying to yaw to the right a bit after bringing the mix back to 0.4, decided to bring it around and land but it decided to pretty much flip out. it did one 180 degree roll then another and I threw it into manual to try and pull it out, as you can see from the video I managed to pull it out for it only to roll again then go into a spin and that was it.

The weird thing was that we sent up the other model to look for it and once we were close the same thing happened sending it into a barrel roll first then a spin, lucky he managed to get out of it and land. About 3 months ago the exact same thing happened with a Skywalker X6 that crashed no more than 50m away from where mine landed. All three aircraft run different flight controllers (APM, Arkbird and Storm)

From my limited knowledge of reviewing log files, it looks like the gyro was going crazy. Any help would be great.

My setup was:

APM 2.6 with Skywlker 1680 PID's

Ublox 6M with external Mag



I have attached the telemetry log, .KMZ and also the .bin file.

2015-09-20 11-14-12.bin

2015-09-20 11-05-01.tlog

2015-09-20 11-14-12.kmz

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