Skywalker Prop on backwards

Another windy day today for test flight #7 of my APM Skywalker. So what did I learn?Again my 2kg Skywalker struggled to take off, and with the strong wind I was flying again at 80-100% throttle on upwind circuits.I another club member noticed that my pusher prop was on backwards. Haven't never used a pusher before, I was a little confused as to why the curved side of the prop was pointed to the rear.After correcting the problem, my Skywalker managed to take off in thick grass with half throttle. And fly upwind at half throttle easilyI also noticed that when holding my Skywalker and increasing throttle the tail wouldn't shake anymore.I suspect that this is why stabilise mode kept oscillating the tail even when I reduced the Pitch P down from the Skywalker default of 3.3 to 0.8I haven't tried stabilised yet now that I've fixed the prop issue but I'm guessing the reduced vibration and tail shaking will mean that stabilise will work properly.The flying conditions today were very turbulent, turning crosswind I had to use full ailerons to stop my aircraft from being rolled over, and turning finals the wind got me, rolled me over into a spin. I was able to recover by powering off, opposite ruder, then pulling up. I've got to get stabilise working in conditions like this, as the sky walker's wings are easily picked up by the wind.

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    Good catch! You'd be surprised how often that happens. Even experienced users put props on backwards sometimes when they're rushing. The good news is that it's pretty obvious the moment you launch that something's wrong.

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Aug 25