Just thought I'd share the way I set up my X5 wing.

I've removed the telemetry as the plane has a range of about 30 miles so is usually out of range.

Cruising speed 60mph on half throttle so a mile a minute on autonomous flights. No airspeed sensor - min throttle set to 33%. Works very well.

The GPS tracker sends regular updates to Google Maps on my phone showing position and speed.

You tube link for some recent footage using terrain follow mode: https://youtu.be/GJx0B0W79nc4

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Hi Andrew

Nice video , looks like your X5 flys well, I see you have some interesting mods to the basic X5 The under fin and extra wingtips.  I fitted my bright LEDs in the leading edge of the wing, I can see it coming more than 3/4 mile away. 

We use the same aircraft and its good with the pixhawk, we use one of our catapults to get it into the air safely, We still use the telemetry as it allows the X5 to get to a safe altitude under RC and then switch to Auto for the flight and return. The telemetry allows us to verify all is OK before we send it off on its own, 

Its good to see my homeland from the air, Canada in the winter is a bit white!!

The underfin is to protect the solid prop and also give more yaw stability as it was a bit lacking without. The wingtips are standard out of the box.

I hand launch as it has more than enough power.

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