Hi, All.  

I'm new here and new to the DIY Drone thing too.  I currently fly at Phantom with a few modifications I've done on my own (Gimbal, FPV, Bigger Batt, normal stuff).  I am a photographer though and I while I love my GoPro footage I'm itching to get a nicer camera in the air.  I have a GH4 and a Nikon D750.  I'm not in a big hurry to get the D750 up, and if I did, I'd be taking photos not video.  Anyhow, I'm mainly looking for input about how to make a small sized heavy lift quad that is very dependable, I am pretty sure this is a viable alternative because of XPro Heli's XPX


It would also be nice to have the option to upgrade to coaxial for the stability and redundancy, if I feel like I need to later.  

I think I understand that I need bigger slower motors with longish props for efficiency. I'm mostly interested in finding a solid and affordable frame, and also perhaps, in input on flight control.  I like the reliability of my Phantom, but I see what is possible with open source control boards and I'd like that, as long as the flying basics are solid and I'm not going to risk expensive crashing, or time lost on set or at shoots on bugs. Any input on what is reliable, affordable, and extensible would be great.



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