Smart LiPo batteries - buy, build or hack!?

Hey all,

I'm building a wireless charging drone, and have a few options for the battery, which it would be great to get some more experienced advice from.

Since the charging management needs to be on the drone, I'll need an onboard BMS, so the options I think I have are:

1. Buy a commercial drone battery like a DJI and hope it works in a DIY drone (has anyone done this before??)

2. Buy a smart LiPo battery (something like the tattu plus) but this is not really an option because of cost!

3. Buy a BMS board and solder it up to a LiPo battery (again, has anyone done this before??)

Its going to be a ~4kg drone, so will need a high current, which is why the BMS board is not a super easy (/affordable) option.

Thank you!!


Also on a side note, does anyone have any reccomendations for good, affordable motors generating ~2kg thrust with minimal current draw?

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