I've been flying with my alexmos Gimbal with a Sony A7r and occasionally get judders and shake in the footage. I tried yesterday without the in camera stabilization and it's a nightmare (hats off to the Sony). Here's a quick vid i've upped from today. 


It's a 910mm Octo running a Pixhawk 2.1, Copter autotuned. Gimbal Autotuned with extra refinement. I'm noticing very slight vibes watching the UAV in flight. Gimbal mounted on its very own dampning system by Hdair studio. I might cut up some earplugs and stuff the multiple standard little mounting rubber balls. I'm probably looking at a a manual tune of UAV PID's.

I'd just appreciate any tips if there's anything obvious or recognisable from the type of vibes I'm getting in the footage. I'm just a little shocked as my small quad with gopro never had such problems. 

Or if theres and obvious PID changes I should make from the autotune to smooth things out (decrease P perhaps).


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Did you ever solve this problem? I just finished an X6 build and she flies great but my video with a Sony A7II is shaky. The vibe values in the logs look good. I was searching for ideas and found your "unanswered" question.

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