I am connecting a sony HX90V camera to the solo and I will control the camera functions from a separate futaba controller with the VP solutions trigger cables and will be taking the HD video downlink through the Solo HD cable.  This will be a 2 person operation with one person operatng the solo and the second running the camera functions.  The nice part about the sony camera is it will geotag the photos. You could also changeout the HX90V with the RX100 camera if you wanted but no gimble will be used.  Solo is used to operating like this since its the same way it launched.

Does anyone know if the expansion bay port will power the seperate controller reciever and if so whats the best way to tie into it?  I was also looking at using a 915 MHZ telemetry to send the commands to the camera if possible.  If 915 mhz will be used then I was going to use the RFD900 since the bit rate can be increased for realtime transmission instead of the standard delay on the 3dr radios.

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