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I'm working on a research project and we're going through the all the Auto commands for ArduCopter 2.9.1b and we have some questions.


Does the parameters hit rad and yaw for WAYPOINT do anything? We have tested them but can't seem to find any effect.

Does the altitude for ROI do anything? Again, we tested it and it didn't do anything.

Does CW/CCW and rel/abs do anything for CONDITION_YAW? It always turned CW even if we set it to CCW and it always turns to the absolute heading, never the relative.


On another note, as the quad was flying between waypoints its GPS suddenly thought it was about 250m away from where it actually was. The quad took off and we took manual control of it to avoid a crash. We turned the quad on and off but the GPS was still incorrect(although it was slowly wandering back to the actual position). We went inside for a few minutes (with the quad turned off) and when we came back out the GPS was fine. In fact, it was landing closer to its takeoff than before the glitch. We are running APM 2.5 with the 3DR MediaTek GPS (with the battery attached). Any thoughts about this problem? Is it a one time thing or some deeper problem? This is the first time we have had a GPS misbehave this badly.


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  • If you search the forum, the 'somewhere else' behaviour is well reported...

    Apparently there were some significant changes to the handling of the Mediatek GPS with 2.9.1, and it results in spurious readings being accepted. The explanation being given, is that the damping was removed to prevent lags when tracking, and the code now uses the full resolution of the GPS. However what is 'odd', is that you can take the same GPS module, and record it's serial stream, and while it will wander a few m, it doesn't return readings a huge distance away. However in the copter it does. Currently 'fix' is to switch to Ublox GPS.....

    Best Wishes

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