Just added pictures to the email list I send of story roundups every week from sUAS News. Now I am worried that it will clog inboxs and be slow loading.


This is what it looks like and already I'm not happy with how its rendered in this version but I know for next week.




Yes I did find a silly reason to put a picture of Patrick up on top for the first one.


But to add pictures or not??

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Hi... What I would suggest to everyone is to rather use the facebook page link thingy... Wont clog your inbox and it's always nice to see something smart on the facebook status list...

Thanks both, @ Johann well sUAS News just grew out of a blog, I fly hot air balloons for a day job and have been flying sUAS for about four years now, I am in no way an expert. In fact I'm a bungler but its fun.


We have used sUAS in South Africa for a few animal and mapping related tasks within KZN. In the UK where I spend half the year I have been working with Rob from http://www.flyingwings.co.uk to put some airframes together. This week we launch a Tricopter and will work on an Octo when I'm back up top soon. These join the Manta and Firecracker EPP airframes that are flying in a few countries now with different people.

@ Cronselaar, yes the Facebook feed is an easy way to keep up with whats happening. Its a feed and I don't pay it enough attention.


Eventually as this industry expands new companies and people with hair brained schemes will need other outlets to show their wares and they may struggle to get there products into the big spaces. So I would like sUAS News to turn into a non biased place for the normal guy who's trying to get on.


It interests me that Aerovironment, Aurora and a few other grown up people started sending me their press releases, shows they notice where people are blogging their brands.

Oh and I forgot, Twitter is quite a good way to follow the headlines, @suasnews be nice to get the number of followers moving up!

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