Some ******** Stole My 3.3v Pin.........

Hi All,Been setting up another Ap today, applied another Locosys 200031 to the NEW shield.......(Some of you know i lost a UAV recently, this is all NEW replacement gear) got it built....started to program....EH!?!?!?! wheres the 3v...triple checked the board ..yes im on trhe right hole...found 2 in fact....3v not all solder joints....then i noticed that there is no repeater leds(GPS Not withstanding) and no reg.....Checked the pics of the new shield(blue) and the pics show no 3.3v i have bought a Locosys i cant use.....Unless someone out there can tell me what i have missed or why the 3v pin is not showing 3v...Confused and a little irritated......:)can anyone help?regards,Doc

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    You may have one of the "economy" early boards that don't have the 3.3v power regulator. It's clearly described on the product page, but can be missed. The regular boards have 3.3v...
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