Sonar on/off switch does not appear to work. Problems with sonar.

I ordered a MB1020 LV-MaxSonar-EZ2 High Performance Ultrasonic Range Finder with my arducopter hex kit not knowing it was not one of the three on the list. I added the power filter and installed it anyway. I selected the other LV sonar that was in the list.

First, with the sonar disabled, I have no problem holding altitude, even at lower levels.

When testing the sonar, I put the copter in altitude hold at about 30 feet. I then used the throttle stick to slowly lower the copter into the sonar range. When in the sonar range, I started to get erratic altitude changes.

I noticed that I can set channel 8 to sonar. I did not have and documentation but assumed it allowed the sonar to be switched on and off in flight. I then repeated the test with channel 8 in both positions since I was not sure what was on or off. The retest with the switch did not seem to turn off the sonar in either position. The erratic altitude changes still occurred. I landed and disabled the sonar and the problem was gone.

1. I know there is a sonar gain adjustment but I don't see any guidelines for the adjustment.

2. Is the Sonar switch function supposed to be working?

Thanks in advance.

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I still don't know if this is supposed to work or not. I changed my Sonar and the problems I was having went away. But the on/off option still does not seem to do anything.

I've found the On/Off in 3.01 is a little flakey as well.  If I don't toggle the on/off once before arming, I usually get a flashing arm light.  One the second and third arm though, it doesn't flash.


Only common denominator so far is Sonar, if I disable it totally, I can arm at any time without issues.

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