Source for a quality APM flight controller

Hey guys Ive decided to finally do it. Im done! Ive been trying for almost 4 months now to get gps working on a revolution board with librepilot! So I cannot afford the pixracer or pixhawk at the moment. sunk to much money into trying to get the revolution working.....Ive bought 3 different GPS, 3 different revolution boards. a couple different PDB.......At this point im mad that i didnt just get a pixhawk2 being the amount of funds ive completely wasted on this board!

So yeah anyway sorry bout the rant. Where can I get a quality APM FC that will not cost me over 50-60 bucks?

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  • Yeah I ended up purchasing the Pixhawk clone from Hobbyking. It has worked flawlessly so far. No problems connecting to any of the ground stations and it is mentioned on one of the official pixhawk sites. I forget which one but it is the only clone that is listed. Plus it got great reviews every where I looked.

  • Have you managed to source one. I just ordered the pixracer from gearbest. Hoping it works well.

  • The stuff on gearbest I am assuming are all going to be clones? They also have a pixracer on there that is just outside my price range but I could find the say they sell good stuff right?

  • Try GearBest or Amazon

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