Hi All,

I have the 9DOF board running the latest code and am getting the expected output from the serial port.  My question is this:  Is there a software (windows prefered) program to graphically display the position data from the board for testing purposes in real time?  I have seen many youtube videos with neat 3d displays but haven't found one online yet. I have been moving the data manually to EXCEL and then plotting graphs but I really need to see the data graphically in real time. Many thanks!



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Hi Kraig,
I have an application in python for this
I am outside home, but I will upload the application when I arrive...

Great!! Thank You!!!!
I was wondering did you ever post this application? I just got one and it would be great to have a visualization of the sensors.
It hasn't been posted yet. He might be on vacation...
Hi Kraig, sorry but I arrived yesterday night...
I have uploaded the interface to the code repository :

It´s a python code to display the data from Razor 9DOF. It´s the same code I use for other applications (ArduIMU, testing...)
Read the header of the file for installing instructions. Here is a video of the interface:

Hope this help,
FANTASTIC! You are my hero!!!! It works great!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!
Where is the code repository?
Thanks :).

The repository is here.
Hi friends,
I am working with graphics in VC++ (Visual studio2008). I want to make 9DOF work in windows platform. The main problem is to read the COM port efficiently.
If anybody have the COM port reading code, please post it.

If i complete doing it. I will post it.

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