Can someone be kind enough with a DX8 and APM 2.5 configuration email me a setup file I can load into my DX8?

I am having a lot of problems understanding how to configure my Spektrum to work with my ArduCopter Hexa-B setup. Ideally a step by step guide setting up the DX8 for 6 Flight Modes would be very helpful. I am currently stuck until I can get some more detailed help on the concepts involved and nothing would help more than an actual setup file I can load via into my DX8.

I have already read through the current links for DX8 6 Position setup by Arndt but unfortunately it seems aimed more towards those users who are already familiar with configuring the DX8...

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I am working on a similar problem which I encountered last night. Did you ever make any progress on your DX8 6 position setup issue?


Not sure exactly what you are having an issue with. For the most part the radio should be plug and play. I have one of these radios and literally took it out of the box, slapped the RX in the bird, bound it, and away I went.

Do NOT try to use this in a traditional helli setup... that setup is all wrong. You should be using this as a traditional plane setup. from there is it just a matter of mixing the extra chanels (6-8) to what you want them to do in the APM setup.

If you still need more guidance than this please let me know and I will go step by step with you, but you should be able to get it! :)


The problem is (and I think a lot of other noobs are having) is the following;

While in Mission Planner > Configuration > Flight Modes the selections are limited to 1, 4, & 6. The radio has not been set at 3DR for Mix Mode. I noticed a lot of threads on this board with noobs complainng about how to get more than 3 Flight modes with a DX8. I went through the DX8 wiki and there have been solutions posted and responses and I have read them all. However, for those new, the instructions and posts are rather cryptic and assume a certain level of knowledge to decipher.

In anwere to your question, I verified that the TX is in Airplane mode. I powered up while having the wheel depressed and verified.

The FLAP GYRO seems to be Channel 5 as it reacts during calibration.Once it is calibrated I proceeded to Mission Planner > Configuration > Flight Mode

The The FLAP GYRO has 3 positions; 0,1,2.

As I flip the FLAP GYRO switch, Flight Mode 1,4& 6 Change in Mission Planner. See the following illustration as to what I have mine set.

However as you can see Mission Planner offers more flight modes than 3. There are 12 listed.

So here is my question; How do I get 2,3 & 5 set. I believe its through MIX and mixing channels. However I am totally lost even with the posts I've read.

Please understand, I am new to RC, but not technology. I can learn,  I have 25 years of IT experience. I hope I am making this more complicated than it really is. The Specktrum DX8 Manual just leaves me with more questions than answers.

If you can have a noob understand how to add 3 more flight modes I will create a step by step post with detail that everyone can understand and use.


I have a DX8 and 2.5 and it works pretty good.
Just need some tuning on the APM side.
If I can figure out how to download the setup then I can send it to you.


You need to create a custom mix.  I have mine set up so the F-Mode switch (3 pos) and the gear switch (2 pos) control my modes.  With the gear switch in one position, you have the 3 flight mode postions, and with the gear switch in the other position, you have the 3 flight mode positions, giving you 6 possible flight modes.

The first step is to make sure your switches are set correctly in the system setup menu under Sw Select.  F-Mode should be "Inh" and Gear should be "Gear".  This will allow you to create a mix on the gear channel (channel 5 on Spektrum) using the F-Mode switch to activate the mix.

Then go to mixing in the function list for the model you are programming.  Scroll to "Mix 1", change the master/slave to "GER > GER".  Change the Rates to "-56%" and "-46%", leave Offset at "0%", Trim "Inh", Sw to "FM1".  Basically what all this means is when F-Mode is in position 1, the gear channel will only be at 56% of the travel BELOW midpoint when the gear switch is off, and 46% of the travel ABOVE midpoint when the gear switch is on.

Now go to "Mix 2" and do the same thing but make the rates -90% and -80% respectively, and the Switch to FM2.  Now when the F-Mode switch is in position 2 the gear channel will only be at 90% of the travel BELOW midpoint when the gear switch is off, and 80% of the travel ABOVE midpoint when the gear switch is on.

There is no mix needed for F-Mode position 0, because we want full travel on the gear channel in that position.

The percentages I used may not be exactly what you need, but they should be close.  You can monitor the channel on the Flight Mode setup screen of the Mission Planner and tweak as necessary.

I hope this helps. 

If you can down load the DX8 configuration, I can darn sure figure out how to upload it. Thanks, John


The Flap/Gyro switch is acting as channel 5 for you because that is how it is set int he Sw Select of the system setup (System Setup is the setup you enter by holding the wheel down when turning on the radio).

In that screen, you will see Flap:Gear.  That mean your flap switch is set to control the gear channel.  This is REALLY confusing with spektrum because they call channel 5 "Gear" and there is a gear switch.  It would be so much easier if they just used channel numbers.

If you ever need to "refresh" you memory on what the name of each channel is, just look at your receiver.  The plugs are labeled with the channel name, and they are in order. 






6. AUX1

7. AUX2

8. AUX3

Side Note...  On the DX8, the switches are labeled with white lettering and orange lettering.  The white lettering refers to the switch name when you are on an "Airplane" model, and the orange lettering when on a "Helicopter" model.  The only exception to this is the Gear switch, in heli mode it is called the "Mix" switch, but Spektrum FORGOT to add the orange label.

Dano +1

You beet me to writing that up!


Thank you for the reply. I reviewed your steps and made changes in accordance with your instructions. Unfortunately the settings had zero effect.

After making the modifications, while in Mission Planner I can switch the Spektrum GEAR switch into both position 0 and 1 and F-Mode 0,1,2 and nothing happens in the Flight Mode drop down boxes in Mission Planner, Still only Flight Modes 1,4 & 6 toggle with the movement of the FLAP GYRO Switch between 0, 1 & 2 positions.

Here are images of the Spektrum DX8 screens for your review with the modification you outlined..

SETUP (entered holding down roller button while power up)

Setup Screen > Switch Select

Main Startup Screen on standard power up after above Setup completed.

Main Mix Screen prior to entering Mix 1 and Mix 2 Setup screens.

Mix 1 Screen

Mix 2 Screen

Whatever other info you need on current settings, please feel free to ask. I will be around the house working and can reply quickly.



With the setting you showed, if you are still switching modes with the flap gyro switch, it is because you have the channels wired incorrectly from the receiver to the APM.


Connecting your RC input and motors

This page shows the proper connections, HOWEVER, be aware that Arducopter and Spektrum do not always use the same terminology.  On that page, it shows AUX1 as the mode switch for the APM.  However on Spektrum, channel 5 isn't AUX1, it is GER.  I am guessing input 5 of your APM is plugged into channel 6 on your radio receiver.  While you COULD make this work, if you can to follow my guide, your receiver should be hooked up as following.


APM input                    ---- Receiver channel
8) AUX4 (Optional)        ---- 8) AUX3
7) AUX3 (Optional)        ---- 7) AUX2
6) AUX2 (Optional)        ---- 6) AUX1
5) AUX1 (Mode Switch)  ---- 5) GEAR
4) Yaw/Rudder               ---- 4) RUDD
3) Throttle                     ---- 1) THRO
2) Pitch/Elevator           ---- 3) ELEV
1) Roll/Aileron               ---- 2) AILE

Notice how the AUX connections don't line up as you would think?  Annoying right?

I am pretty confident this will fix your problems.

If it doesn't try to take a picture of your receiver connections.  Also check your monitor screen of your radio, and see if the GER channel slider is moving into 6 different positions as you flip your F-Mode and Gear switches.


It worked!

Strangely enough, even though one orders a RTF Hexa C from 3DR with the Spektrum DX8 ,it is NOT wired to take advantage of all 6 Flight Modes, only 3.

So RTF really means Ready-To-Figureout.

Its been a good learning experience. I learn more figuring out a problem.

Before I started, I made a record of the current wire configurations to both the APM and the AR8000 and traced the wires.

The white wire from the Output of the APM traced to the AUX 1 of the AR8000.

While powered down, I removed the glue from white wire 5, cleaned the connector and moved it over one to the GEAR connector on the AR8000.

Powered up Hexa C & Radio for a test, opened the MP, connected and walla! All 6 Flight Modes are available.

GEAR 0 Controls

F Mode 0 ->6 Loiter

F Mode 1 ->5 Alt Hold

F Mode 2 ->4 Stabalize

GEAR 1 Controls

F Mode 0 ->1 RTL

F Mode 1 ->2 Stabalize

F Mode 2 ->3 Pos Hold

Currently I have know idea if the ordering is safe or not. I will need to search and determine in what order I need to assign the position switches in order to avert a mishap.

Thank you very much for your help. I hope my illustrations can help others.



Would you want to use one of the channels for Auto mode so you could fly Mavlink missions!

I would also think Gear 0, F Mode 0 is your get out of jail card and represents full forward on both switches? The Loiter, then RTL on F mode?

Maybe Auto, posit hold, and something else for Gear 1?

Would be curious what some of the veterans are doing.


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