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Over the past few days I took some  photos  where the glare would normally cause  a problem.   In this Slideshow I am using a Neutral Density 4 filter.   As you will see it brings  out the color and removes all the glare along with removing the flickering from the sun reflecting off the props.  You can move up to the ND8 or higher, or use one that has the Circular Polarization built in depending on the day and what you are trying to video.  

Your first decision is who you should buy from.   For me  I am 100% satisfied with the SRP Snake River Prototyping filters   They are High quality, and extremely light.  For my testing I used the  Phantom 2 Zenmuse H3-3D  Gimbal  and the Steadygo3 on my Iris+  Neither  required any  balancing even during more aggressive turns.  

SRP makes these filters for the Gopro,  with and  without the protective shell.  They also have filters for   Phantom 2 vision,  Phantom 3, and  Inspire 1  They were kind enough to offer a 10% discount if you use GPAJAKE at checkout.  

I would love to hear back if you do purchase these filters and share your thoughts on how much it helped with your videos and photos.   I do plan on doing more testing, but so far what I have seen has truly changed the way my videos turn out.


Take care,   Grandpa Jake

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