Stabilize mode + manul control = crash?


So Im getting closer to actually staying in the air for more than 10 sec :)

Im confused about stabilize mode. I found that if I launch my flying wing via bungee,  and have stabilise on, it glides perfectly like a dart (with no motor I thought it had broken so was turned off for now)

If I have stabilise and then put some manual input from the radio on it violent overreacts and pretty much barrel rolls then crashes.

Is there some sort of mixing manual  input and stablizing input? Or is stabilise a purely "Hands off" mode ?

Is the better mode to try to have stable manual flight fbwA?

Havent been able to get out much lately..but it is exciting when progress is made. I thought I had totalled my motor, but turns out one of the 3 esc-motor plugs disconnected so good to try again....but want to sort out stabilise first.




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    What parameter file are you using? I assume the wing flies fine in pure manual.

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