I have few questions for experts:

1. Has anyone came across a U-Blox M8N GPS tester in the past? Looking for a stand alone solution without using any PixHawk or APM.

2. I believe the U-Blox can be directly connected to a laptop and use U-Center software to test it using USB to TTL converter. Has anyone tested it that way?

The only issue I see in using a USB to TTL connector is that I don't want to cut off the standard connectors on the U-Blox GPS. Any other way around? Is there a GPS PCB Board that can convert GPS connector into like pins to connect a TTL converter?

Lastly, the GPS has a blue light. My assumption is that when the blue light is blinking it means its still looking for new satellites. The blue light will go solid once it has enough satellites. Am I right in my assumption here or will it suppose to go green?

Also, the Pixhawk GPS has what type of connector? I know its 6 pin what is the exact technical name for for male and female.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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ok I found one solution on https://store.mrobotics.io/USB-FTDI-Serial-to-JST-GH-p/mro-ftdi-jst...

but looks like its for Pixracer GPS only...

Just to help others, the 6 pin connector on U-Blox M8N GPS is JST SH 1.00mm pitch connector.

You can order it from https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-sets-Micro-JST-SH-1-0mm-6-Pin-Female-Con...

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