Starting settings for larger hexacopter?

Hi folks,

           I've got a larger hexacopter that I'd like to get flying with an APM2.5, but the default settings are dangerously unflyable (massive low freq oscillations and virtually uncontrollable). After spending a couple of hours trying to get it flying correctly, I just can't get it to a point where it's 'nice' to fly. So, I'm wondering if some of you who are flying larger craft would mind sharing your settings?

Frame and motor specs are as follows:

Frame: Droidworx ADH6 (I think...can't remember exactly)

Size: Motor to motor distance 730mm

Motors: Axi2814/22 795KV

Props: APC 13x4

Batts: 3S 8800 65C TP packs

Weight: 2.6kg (ready to fly)

I've using the latest 2.9.1b firmware.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • Im fairly new to hexcopters, I only just built a fairly large on myself.. assuming your frame is fairly light, can you post your current settings?

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Aug 25