I purchased a Steadidrone ei8ht 4 months ago and struggled struggled struggled to get nice smooth footage . I have given up trying to fly my Canon 5d as really don't feel this drone is up to flying slr, bought a Sony Nex 7 but still struggling . Not finding the answers from Steadidrone and desperate to find somebody that has some success with their Steadidrone .
Has anybody got some suggestions or advice

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My suggestion is to throw it in the bin.

I purchased a steadidrone a few months ago too and it's the biggest waste of money ever.

The build quality is unbelievably bad.

I also keep meeting people like you who have had similar experiences.

Terrible after sales service. Terrible quality. Terrible assembly. Terrible everything.

In this case RTF means Ready To F**k-up.

I've heard some horror stories.

They 3D print their own parts that regularly crack, break or fail - sometimes in mid flight.

I don't know if this thread is long enough to list all the things that have happened to me or the stories that I have heard - first hand from the people that it happened to.

It's people Like Duran from steadidrone that give multirotor manufacturers a bad name and leave a bad taste in the mouth of consumers.

Shame on him.

Mike, Jackson, its easy to simply post you opinions about a product and make the company look bad without actually including thier side if the story. We have a Facebook owners page a official SteadiDrone technical support forum, live skype support and email support, many clients post there and get the help advice they need, we spend a great deal of time and effort supporting our clients and making right the few mistakes and faulty parts, replacing all faulty 3d printed parts with new molded parts, free of charge, and more.

Jackson, Its people like me who take this new growing industry forward and do our best, yes we will make mistakes, so do all manufactuters, even the big ones, but its people who, with zero knowledge or experience, who do little to no homework or research, purchase a large technical octocopter with the expectation that its as easy as driving a 2 channel rc car and then will capture perfectly smooth and amazing aerial imagery overnight, its people like this who give this industry a bad name, no matter where thet buy the units its the same story, they then blame the manufacturer for their lack off skill, experience etc..

Mike arrived to collect hes octo ( a older used unit) after we had clearly sent him the info and details of the unit, to be blunt he had no clue as to what he actually purchased, after a few hours, test flights and some extra free goodies thrown in he was verry happy and took delivery and left. If there are any issues of course we can try help and assist, but just like all our other clients, they get in touch and also get involved with the support forums etc

Weve got many many very happy clients flying our units worldwide and while im not saying weve not made some minor design mistakes the past ( all adressed and fixed) I am saying, and I think many will agree, 99% off issues or complaints and blatent hate and nasty comments like 'ready to f up' stem from the user simply not understanding how the thing works.

Im sorry to hear your comments, we are always here to help and assist.

To be fair to Duran , I was flying my Steadidrone on a construction site where I was doing some stills footage and one of my motor mounts broke in mid flight . A potentially catastrophic situation ensued as there were builders on scaffolding and heavy machinery everywhere . I was completely stressed out at the time having nearly lost my drone and very nearly caused a major accident . I contacted Duran and to his credit I sent me up a whole lot of new motor mounts . They are much improved and I feel a lot more comfortable flying with them . I would recommend that any of you that have the old motor mounts , please get them changed because  you dont want to go through what I went through

So Duran, are you saying that anyone that has bought a rig from you that has 3d printed parts on it can ask you for free replacements with plastic molded parts ????

so Duran 

I ask again:

are you saying that anyone that has bought a rig from you that has 3d printed parts on it can ask you for free replacements with plastic molded parts ????

So Duran from Steadidrone, It appears you have much to say to debunk my claims, but fail to back your own claims up.

Your easy words have little meaning without action.

"...we are always here to help and assist." but you can't even answer my question based on your claim of "...making right the few mistakes and faulty parts, replacing all faulty 3d printed parts with new molded parts, free of charge, and more"

So Duran (owner of steadidrone) for the last time I ask you: are you saying that anyone that has bought a rig from you that has 3d printed parts on it can ask you for free replacements with plastic molded parts ????

Or are you going to keep ignoring your unsatisfied customers as you so often have in the past.

This problem is not going to go away....your lack of willingness to correct your mistakes will only make it worse.

Your choice.

Many of us are awaiting your response.

Jackson , I am pleased you are really make a point of this . 

Over the weekend I noticed that the bracket that supports my AV200 Gimbal had a slight crack in it right near where the screws locate the bracket to the drone . I put the crack under a bit of pressure with my hands and the next minute it broke . Unless I am mistaken , when I looked at the cross section I noticed that this bracket was also 3d printed . I have included photographs of the bracket as well as my motor mount that broke earlier in the year . The layered effect indicates that this bracket that supports the Gimbal was indeed 3d printed . If this is so , how on earth does Steadidrone advocate that this drone can support a Red Epic of Canon C300 worth 100s of thousands of rands , when a 3d printed bracket is all that is supporting the camera and Gimbal .

Please bear in mind that I fly a Sony Nex7 as I dont feel that EI8HT is never going to be suitable to fly anything larger than a small camera . Totally unacceptable and I think Steadidrone should stick to the hobby market as they aren't ready for the pro market 


Michael, that doesn't surprise me at all.

In fact my gimbal bracket mount has cracked in the same place.

Make sure you check the other one, because both of mine have cracked.

It's most likely because the 3d printed parts aren't of high quality to begin with, then Duran has drilled through that 3d printed part for the bolt to go through.

I think we should start posting on the facebook support pages Duran mentioned - as he appears to be ignoring our comments on this forum. No surprise there.

I know this is a late entry into this thread but since I have bought an ei8ht and know several others who love the machine I thought I would adress the "not answering in this forum" issue.

I bought a 3DR X8. The biggest, heaviest piece of junk available in the multirotor world and I have gotten ZERO answers from support on any of my issues. I get some answers from users in forums but never one single reply from a 3dr rep.

Duran is more active in forums (even this one which, lets face it, is a competitors main forum)

So don't talk about bad service when they are the best out there in customer support.

Hi Mikael, can it fly your X8? ? because i had the same problem and i  fixed it without help from 3DR and now it is fly perfect 

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