Hi -- I want my plane to be able to dive steeply. So if I set a waypoint at 5000 ft, and another very close by at 2000 ft, it will dive steeply to reach the second point at 2000 ft. What do I need to change in the parameters to make this happen? Thanks!

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Try 'Pitch Min' to something like -60 (or more) and set 'ALT_CTRL_ALG' to 1. That will tend to use the elevator more, and essentially puts ArduPlane into altitude priority mode, as opposed to airspeed priority.

Don't pull the wings off when you pull out :)

For now, I'm only simming, so not yet worried about G-forces...  ;-)

Sounds great -- I'll try it once I get my other sitch fixed --

see my other post of today about gyros...



Dive commands worked great!  You should have seen the wings warble...  ;-)

FYI -- the command is "Lim_Pitch_Min" ...

Thanks again!


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