Step by step instructions to build a UAV?

Hi guys,

What would you recommend as the best source for instructions to build your own UAV? I took a look around diydrones but the Getting Started section doesn't offer much and the ArduCopter section seems to focus largely on software? Please direct me if I'm missing something. I Googled around and found one Does anyone have any better suggestions?

Thanks a lot

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  • Excellent guys! Thank you very much for your help!
  • If you are looking for multirotor - there are two award winning Instructables...

    Mark Harmon's Instructable

    My Instructable

    They have two different paths to building a quadrotor from raw materials.

    If you are looking for fixed wing...Gary's recommendation of Trent's site and FliteTest are excellent.


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    Kevin have a look at Trents work its warts and all stuff, he has seen success and failure on the way and has not been afraid to document it.

    Flitetest is another great resource, they have tri and quad copter designs if that's what you are after.

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