I'm looking into purchasing the DJI Phantom, but I would really like an all-purpose UAV that I could have decent images that I can stitch together with photo-processing software.  I haven't been able to find much on the specs on the camera itself such as whether the camera has GPS capabilities on their website.

Does anyone have experience with stitching photos from the camera that comes with the phantom, or any other recommendations of a UAV platform that would include a camera that would be great for photo-stitching?  I'd ultimately like to find a platform where I don't have to do much tweaking with swapping cameras due to problems I've had in the past with weight and stability changes, and calibration issues as I'm a beginner.

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  • Greetings,

    I have three Vision 2+ that I use for a variety of tasks, including mapping and photo mosaics. The lens is a fisheye and you should correct for this before processing. AgiSoft automatically does this correction or you can do it yourself with Photoshop.

    It isn't the best sensor available, but it will certainly do a decent job.

    If you want high fidelity (< 5cm) maps you'll either want a different sensor or you'll need to do a lot of low and slow flying.

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