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     This is my first post on DIYDrones though I have been active on MultiWii forums for a long time.  I have been working on a very low-cost, aerial mapping UAV and documenting my efforts at- http://publiclab.org/notes/code4maine/08-05-2014/aerial-mapping-dro....  I can elaborate on the project in a separate thread if others are interested, but right now I am having difficulty finding information on the Dev. Board I'm trying to use.

    Until recently, I have always used an Arduino any time I needed a microcontroller.  I started using MultiWii because of its Arduino support etc...  But one of the core capabilities in the project I have linked to above, is for a vehicle that can accurately fly to GPS coordinates programmed in a Mission Planning application. After finally giving up on any workarounds that try to get more power out of the 8bit Arduino controllers, I discovered the following DIY-build thread for a 32bit Flight Controller-http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2154329

   The method replaces an 8bit Arduino with the ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103C8T6 STM32 Development Board which I found online for around $8.  According to the thread, the only other component needed is a 10DOF sensor such as the GY-80

    However, the only information I can find about these Dev boards as FCs assumes they will be used to create a version of the Naze32, a 32bit derivative of MultiWii.  Unfortunately, it was only after investing significant time and money that I was ultimately advised to avoid Naze32 or MultiWii for anything requiring an autopilot.  Instead, it was suggested I look into the PixHawk, APM or one of the Papparazi boards...  

  So now I'm back at square one!  

  Can anybody help me find another open source autopilot firmware, with a well functioning mission planner, that would be compatible with the STM32F103C8T6?  A majority of options seem to support the STM32 in some form, but I'm not nearly as familiar with the STM line than I am with Arduino...




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