Hi folks!


I was wondering what you are using for storage and carrying your quad... I havent finish my build but I already wonder what is the best way... of course a Pelican case would be super nice but it will cost more than the quad! hehe :) 


what are the dimensions overall? I am using the 28cm arms so I guess it's a 24 inches X 24 inches total... the height with regular ArduCopter legs and dome is what? around 6-8 inches?

that would be nice if someone know of a good plastic carrying case that could fit this and as an extra even room for the TX and extra lipo...

I know I saw a post somewhere a long time ago from a guy who build himself a fiber glass / carbon fiber maybe shell around some foam interior but I cant find it anymore.. he used it to ride on his motocycle...


Anyhow, let me know what you all use, maybe we can add a section in here for Storage solution, I am sure you CAD experts have all this figured out with measurement and tips... 


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wow, very nice build. I did something similar, except I'm using nested cardboard boxes for all the things. now I feel all ghetto.

I have plans to build a carry box with a lipo charging bay made out of something non-combustable  (i.e. sheet metal). 

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