Storm32 configuration help needed

Firstly let me say that I know what I am doing is perverse but I got here by accident. I feel like I'm close but the STORM32 setup is proving tricky.

My gimbal:
It's actually a 2 axis Tarot servo gimbal but I can't control continuous servos from a Pixhawk so I thought I would modify it to a brushless gimbal. I had a couple of GBM5010 from Rctimer sitting around. 
You will see the result in the attached snap shots. 
Also attached is the config file .
I am using firmware v0.90 and the board is v1.30F103RC

As you will see from the images, the gimbal is belt driven with a 4:1 ration. Also, the roll motor is facing backwards. I have the gimbal leveling and holding a camera but I cannot get it close to stable. 
I think the gear ratio is throwing it off. I cant get the gimbal config gui to work at all so I got this far by hand. I obviously have the backwards motor accommodated. 

My question:
The number of turns will determine the rotation resulting from a pulse sequence I imagine. So, if the motors are indeed 14 turns do I really need to tell Storm there are 56 poles so that it has the angles in the right ball park? It would appear that it would have to advance the motor 4x . 
Ideas, suggestions?




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