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          You can level from the setup menus, you don't need the CLI anymore
          • Thanks. I have not seen that function. Can you tell me where it is.

            I did fly the 250 this morning. What ever the issues are seems to have faded. The real work now begins, tuning as it wallows like a hog in the air. hows that for a visual. LOL

            cheers and happy new year

  • I had the terminal working earlier but not now. Using APM2.0.8 on Win 7 pro 64 connected to APM 2.6 with latest firmware.

    I can make terminal connection but screen output is using an unintelligible character set.
    No response to multiple taps on the enter key - or any other key

    Any direction appreciated


    • me the same

      • CLI is removed from arducopter 3.2 setting are else ware in config

        • Ive got similar issues trying to down load the log. 

          im runnng version 3.2 Quad. how do you download the log

          • Logs can be down loaded under the TAB graphs at the lower left corner USB or Telemetry must be connected first click down load logs a windows will pop up click refresh then select the logs you want then click down load logs they will be saved to you local computer in the default location set under APM config menu 

      • Having same problem

  • I'm having same problem when running on osx 10.7.5

    • All sorted now,  can get into terminal now and down load the datalog files.

      however the graph section will not display the data.

      it will work in the end, roll on the good weather.

      many thanks mr. osborne.

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