streaming and recording same time - hardware question

1. First of all if I duplicate question please let me know I can close this topic and move to different one.

2. My camera setup allows me to stream 640x480 video signal over LTE and record it same time.  There is of course latency during streaming but I`m not using that for FVP navigation but for flight preview only so 2-3s delays are fine for me. my camera is connected to mini pc android box and this allow me to distribute stream to private cloud very easy and view it very easy.

3. as a camera I`m using very simple car recorder ( supported by android platform as a USB cam ) and for streaming purposes is really fine for me now.

I looking for any help / suggestion how to record and stream video signal with different resolutions from one camera (digitally only ) because I do not want to have any additional transmitter on the board, only LTE modem should be there.

Do you know if there are on the market any cameras that can work in dual mode : as a recorder and streamer (via USB) the same time with different resolutions/bitrates ?

thank in advance for any support.

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