Stroke engine

Hello,is there any issue by using a regular stroke engine (like OS engine) to build an uav ?

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  • T3
    -vibration, particularly for IMUs
    -safety during autopilot failure
    -noise during long-term repetitive overflight of any given target
    -problems with air mixture at high alt
    -problems with unreliable throttle
    -usually need parachute due to total weight
    -longer time from deployment to takeoff
    -almost no positive results on known public UAV forums
  • Also if you're going to use a gas engine you're going to have to use shielding because of the interference coming from the spark plug. I've almost lost a plane to spark plug interference, it rebooted the arduino in charge and left it with elevators maxed down. Placing the board further from the engine fixed that.
  • 3D Robotics
    Gas engines introduce more vibration, which means that your IMU won't perform as well. But it shouldn't be a show-stopper. And of course ArduPilot, which uses thermopile rather than an IMU, performs as well we gas as electric, as long as the exhaust of the gas engine isn't going over the thermopiles.
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I'm Liam from T-MOTOR. I would like to reach out to see if there is any possibility for us to work together.
We are a propulsion system manufacturer who offers motors, propellers and ESCs for all kinds of drone applications which vary from secur…"
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"Anyone in the DIYDRONES Australian subgroup based in Alice Springs, NT?
I am experimenting with Ardupilot (standard Arduplane), Pixhawk 4 FC in a 4-ch
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"Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who is good at drone building, repair and software in Adelaide. Please give me a call on 0477 319 219."
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