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Hi All,

I am part of a team of 2 students who are currently carrying out our internship for a small company who works with quadcopters.  We are currently studying on a Product Development and Technology Integration degree and our internship and final thesis will be based on this project. 

The company we are working with aim, is to develop a control cable which will allow multifunctional control over Sony cameras using the multiport connection, as they use cameras like the Sony ICLE-QX1 for high resolution images.  The aim is to provide the following functionality:

Shutter, Focus, Wide angle, Telephoto, Video Rec On, Video Rec Off, Turn Off (Sleep) and Turn On (Wake)

We are aware there are already existing products on the market that offer some or all of this functionality, some of this information is open source and other parts will have to be gained via reverse engineering the Sony protocols.

So far progress has been made and we are several weeks into development and havebmade some good progress so far.  As part of our course we also need to ensure that the customers requirements are fully met and include the Voice Of the Customer (VOC) in any product.  This ensures that the product meets the customers requirements and is therefore desirable and will sell.  We therefore have a small questionnaire which will help us identify some key metrics, this will be used in the development and also on our final thesis so we can demonstrate the methodologies used in the product development process.

The questionnaire should only take 1 minute as there are only a few questions, it is also completely anonymous.

We really appreciate your help and look forward to seeing your responses.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Best regards,


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  • Hi there,
    Quite an interesting case to research. My students (I'm a part-time TA in a private school) are doing an Autonomous Quadcopter project for product home delivery. As we contacted Sony representatives, we are now getting much support in our robotics program and papers: Sony Electronics team has sent us some valid results of their research in the camera capability for the next quadcopters.
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